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Works with this trick

I found a fix for the crash every time you want to upload. 1. Go to the file destination. 2. Click something (it'll go to full screen). 3. Delete a photo. 4. Now go back and try uploading. This should now work. Keep in mind that you're always going to have to use this method for uploading photos. I suggest uploading random "filler" photos that you don't mind uploading and deleting when you want to use this app. It's unfortunate that we have to use this method but since you already paid the money for it, might as well.

Doesn't work anymore

It use to work great but after upgrading to iOS7 it crashes every time I try to transfer any type of file via wifi.


There is ZERO support on any of their apps. They are just taking your money. Apple should shut these clowns down now!

Must update - can't load new images since 2.1

This is a great app - but it is now effectively worthless with iOS 7 because I can't upload new images. PLEASE UPDATE ASAP - I will then review with your deserved five stars. As of now it is not fully functional.

Does not work NEED A FIX ASAP!!!

I cannot upload pix from my camera roll when running th app, this was working before the update, PLEASE FIX ASAP AND ALSO UNABLE TO ADD VIDEO FILES, I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!

Worked before but not after last update.

Crashes when you try to upload a file, renering this app useless. Deleted

Doesnt work anymore update didnt fix.

Cannot add photos from camera roll on ipad2. Kicks me out of the program whenever i try to add photos from camera roll.

iOS 7 Problem

After installing iOS 7, I cannot enter passwords. The keyboard does not come up. This app used to be great. Now it can't be used.

Keyboard disappeared

After updating to iOS 7.0 the keyboard in the app no longer appears. I can't access locked folders. Please update. I need my passwords!

iOS 7 problem

Cannot enter password for locked folders inside the calculator since iOS 7.0. All other functions seem to still work.

Excellent app

Love it. Didn't have any issues importing videos or images. Pass code issues people have I just don't get. So easy to use.


Unable to import videos as stated in app description. $3 down the drain.

No help file

It would be a 5 star if you had a help file.


I can not import videos using this app.

Too confusion !.

Can't get it to start. It tells me to hit '.'->pass code->'.' but can't find those marks anywhere. Too confusion!

Minor Frustration

I can't upload a video and it's killing me! Ughhh

It was great until...

Great app functions work great and then one day out of no where my password stopped working I have pics one there that I won't be able to get again I would really like it if u could show me a back door or someway to change the password so I can get in it's really important to me other than this malfunction it was great thx for all ur hard work


This application does not function as expected Please give me a refund on this application

Best secret folder app

This is the best secret folder app I have found by far. First it is hidden behind a calculator app. Very few poeple would even know this is a secret app, other programs try to disguise the icon, this one is much more effective. Second, it is very fast to add and delete items. Other programs I have used are slow and crash under a small volume of files, this app is very reliable. If you are looking for a secret folder app, this is it.

Good Program

Does exactly what it says. For the password portion when setting it up, you need to hit . Password then . again and the program will start.

Enter password?

The directions for entering my password are very confusing. The app said to enter "->password->" but there is no button to make the "->" sign. Please advise. The help page is in Chinese.

Does the job

Recently been running very slow, not sure if it's just me, also pictures get stuck when swiping through them, have to use the arrows.

Good until latest update

This app worked great until the latest update. Now it blows up when I try to move from nor picture to another.


Was really hoping it to be a serious version of the iPhone app SpyCalc. Sigh! No transferring recordings nor documents. 3 times the price for nothing!! Hopefully the developers would kindly consider updating it. Maybe making a feature where you can clip notes on a pic for instance. Then I can consider giving a better review.

Great APP!

Version 1.5 works well on iPad2 IOS 4.3.3. The only bug I found is it crashes when playing a photo slideshow. Unlike others I tried the user interface is user friendly and functional. I wish it would allow you to transfer through faster USB2, and I wish it provided a progress meter for file transfers.


This was my FAVORITE ipad app... now I HATE IT!!! It crashes on OS 3.2.1. Won't run at all. STUPID UPDATE - why didn't you test it first? AAAAAAARGH!!!!

Needs Photo & Camera Import Feature

Could you add the capability to copy and paste photos from your photo album as well as import videos from the camera roll from the IPad2. Having to depend upon a connection for the PC or MAC isn't always the case. There are multiple times when I'm on line with the iPad I can copy and paste pictures. Also with the new capability to take photos and video from the Ipad2, it would be nice to just transfer the info from the IPad2 directly to this app.

Clever. VERY clever!

You enter a secret set of digits into an ordinary calculator and the screen rotates and reveals all your hidden pictures and videos. Just like a secret rotating wall in spy movies. Truly hidden pictures and videos behind a working calculator that looks like Apple's calculator. No one will ask you what you have hidden behind some icon that tells them you are hiding something. Easy to get the files into and out of if needed (once you are signed in, of course).

Works fine. Needs better documentation

Works just fine once you figure out that iPad and computer need to be in proximity of each other. Video would be nice

Very Decent

Of the vast amount of hiding applications offered, so far I would say this is the best I've seen. It is completely believable in calculator form, and very user friendly in the stealth mode. I offer 4 stars, but would give 5 if it had the ability to mass upload from a networked computer instead of one file at a time. Also, if it was able to upload more than photos, for example Word Docs, presentations, and .PDF files this application would be the premier one of it's type, especially if it offered some type of encryption for the photos and files hidden within (truecrypt/serpent/blowfish/etc). If it offered all this I would not spare expense for it's purchase, and I'm sure others would do the same. Good start. Good app!

It's cheating!

It can only save photos but not videos. In fact, video function is more important for me and also other people. How come this function doesn't work when the distribution says this app can store videos. I can only say it's cheating!

Clever idea; it works.

I wish this supported portrait view. I was trying to get it to work, unsuccessfully, for 10 minutes before I realized that it only works in landscape mode. It would be great to be able to use gestures to switch between photos, also. Also, please add the ability to import photos from Photos on iPad!

Great idea

Great idea...not try on uploading photo yet. Hope it works fine too. The introduction is not so specific, like file type supporting and so on. Hope it will become a good apps and update monthly.

Pretty good

But it needs to be able to upload photos from this device itself..if it can Ive no idea how.

Very useful

The calculator works great. I've replaced it with the one I am using. The slideshow works great, also. The grestest part is that finally I've got a safe place for my secret photos.

Great App!

The idea is great!! No one will ever know I'd hid my secret stuffs there. Thx!!

No instructions

I haven't a clue how to make this work.

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